Exercise Or Training To Be Ninja

Training to be a ninja begins with the basic, then works up to the advanced. It's like trying to build a building. You don't start with the top because then it would fall on the boss that you really do love... Read more.

Parkour or Free Running

Parkour (occasionally referred to as free running by xenophobes who hate the French) is quite possibly the most awesome way of getting around ever imagined. Invented by someone with an efficiency complex and a flair for the dramatic, the goal is to get from point A to point B by covering as little ground as possible... Read more.

Equipment of the Ninja

The clothing of the true ninja is not black. Popular belief states that it is black, but this would be foolish. Black is a very easily visible color under almost all circumstances. In fact, the ninja's clothing is gray. Gray fades in well in many lighting circumstances, and does not draw attention to itself... Read more.

Dress Like Ninja

There are at least three different styles of dressing for dressing as a ninja. There is the traditional way, the ordinary way, then the noticeable but unbelievable way... Read more.