Ravenhill's Albums

This is several songs created by me, Amaryllis, under the title of 'Ravenhill.'
These songs are free to download and use for your personal use, only.
Please do not use these songs for commercial use unless you have express permission from me.
To get information on the song, click 'info.'
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Thank you! And happy listening!

Computer Genny

Ravenhill's First Album

1 Triads and Arpegiated Accompaniments

2 Philippe the Mouse on the Piano

3 Violin Piece - First Movement

4 Guitar Piece in C Major

5 A Major Pop Piece-Waiting for Lyrics

6 Severe Tire Damage: Infight of the Band

7 Drum Riff

8 Computer Genny

Ninjas, Closets, and Sunshine

Ravenhill's Upcoming Second Album

1 Children of the Sun

2 Ninjas in the Closet