Day 3 Development Blog

Making the Main Character's Eye Twitch

Hey, all! As this seems to be the first posting on our blog, I would like to say a few things about the sort of game this blog is for. Our developer has told us that it's going to be a third person shooter game, and that we're going to use Greenfoot to build it. A little stick figure guy will run around shooting monsters. Mr. Developer will be able to tell you more when he posts.

On to the subject of this post. So, I had the idea of creating an animated .gif file of the guy with his eye twitching slowly, another one with his eye twitching faster, and so on. Then, have a bit of program that will look at the number of monsters killed, (probably stored in a variable named, 'monkill') find out if the variable equals a certain number, then change the .giff file to the faster twitching animation. So the code will probably look something like this:

public wordIcan'tremember{ if { monkill = 5; } then{ setImage("twitchFaster.gif"); }


zim4Feb 24, 2009 09:41 PM Interesting, seems like a good idea and easy enough, that's something we should do after we get the game started and running a little. Looks really funny.

Plans for the Game

We have previously got the image of the character on Greenfoot. It is just a stick figure for now. We are now trying to get the character ( currently known as the guy) to move around on screen. Later on, we will begin designing weapons for the guy. We are starting with just a Pistol, but for now, we are just going to work on one part of the game, which is getting the guy to move around. We don't have an official name for the character, but we are working on it.

Some Sample Art

Well, our team artist has been working hard, and here is a piece of his sample art work:

Our Designer is pretty happy with how this piece turned out, so our artist is now going to make some art that can be placed in the actual game.

Troubles Along the Way

Well, in our programming, we've run into a few problems and challenges. We are trying to make our player character jump and fall. So far, we've made the character move up, and move down. Not exactly what we were looking to do. So, we're watching some tutorial videos on how to make characters jump and fall. No progress on that, yet, but our artist is learning how to be a capable programmer in this process.

Success with the Mouse

We are now able to have our game detect the mouse. As the mouse is moved along on the screen, a little image will follow it. Unfortunately, whenever the mouse is clicked, the game hangs. It probably has something to do with the click image not exsisting, but we'll sort that out after making the character jump.

Success with Jumping

Well, we've finally done it! Thanks to all the hard work our team has been dedicating to it, we have finally suceeded in getting our main character to jump. At first, our character was jumping like Superman (Up, up, up, and away!). He would jump up until he reached the ceiling, then he would stop. But only because we told him NOT to go through the ceiling. Fortunately, our wonderful computer teacher was able to help us fix the code. Now, the character will only jump off the ground, and only to a fixed height. Then he will fall back to the ground and wait for you to press the jump key again.

Now, we are working on making the character animated. And are being minorly irritated by stupid errors. One of several being, we forgot to initiate the images.

. . .

Now, one of our programmers has found out that there's some code that we need that we don't know how to get and haven't the foggiest of what to write. Problems, problems. We'll let you readers know when we've worked through this little pickle.

Mouse Clicking Now Works

We've have now been able to make it so that whenever we click the mouse, the game keeps running on its merry way. So, yes, clicking the mouse does nothing, but that's better than the something it was doing before (hanging the game). We have also made it so that the character can jump off of the mouse's image to get to a hamburger. We only really did this because we were bored, and felt like making the mouse contribute to the game somehow. But, still. The mouse has a value in the game now.

Game Music

We have now sucessfully created some game music, and have incorporated it into our game! Our game developer and our artist/programmer sat down together and took some time to perfected a sound track for our game. We are currently taking a short break from making the game, but we will resume programming as of next week, so look forward to it!

Finishing Touches

We are now in the process of wrapping up the game. We have a main character, a bad guy, and one of our brilliant programmers made it so that evil things popped up randomly (cheeseburgers that look like bombs). But, for some reason, random half eaten burgers start popping up and slow down the game majorly. We're debating on how to work this into the game ^^;;

Unfortunately, we have all of two classes left to finish the game, so that doesn't leave us much time, but we may get to working on the game some more over summer. We still have yet to add our art, too. So, many things remain yet to be done, but hopefully we will be able to make ends meet.

The Game is Done

Well, this will be our final posting (we think) for our game, Day 3. We have now successfully completed it and published it on the Greenfoot Gallery. You can see it here:

Have fun playing and be sure to comment! And have a happy summer!