Mad Scientist

My hobbies as I get ready for world domination.

mad scientist

I've gotten into several hobbies that would seem counter intuitive for a woman. Many women get into liberal arts studies, such as anthropology, art, English, or even political science. So, with this expectation of women, imagine everyone's surprise when a woman who works with electronics, radio, mathematics, and computers enters the scene and claims world dominion. Everyone will be too busy trying to decide whether I'm a great example of the woman's movement, or whether I'm a complete loony to prevent me from taking over the world.

Ham Radio


So, wait, you say, you're into Amateur Radio? That's an old man's hobby! I'm female, and proud of it. So why am I into an old man's hobby? Want to talk to me about world domination? Here's my call sign!


Programming and Electronics

What's a mad scientist if he (or she) can't repair his robots? As such, electronics is a vastly useful skill to learn. I'm currently working with a Basic Stamp Microcontroller from Parallax to increase my knowledge of electronics and programming. The 'What's a Microcontroller?' and the 'Boe Bot' kits are both excellent in their teaching methods and useability. So far, I have two robots programmed to respond to my commands via a universal remote. My fellow mad scientist, Tony, has brought up a problem with the universal remote: it's too easy to take control of my robots with an identical remote. I must work on this. See what I did with a microcontroller and servo motor.

Games and World Domination

Also essential to the mad scientist the the ability to program. Building video games is not only an excellent method for practicing/learning essential skills, but is also an alternate option for world domination, as seen demonstrated by Spy Kids 3D. Back in my highschool days, I wrote a video game in Java as part of a class project. Read about how we developed the game. Or, you can play the game.