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"I have found it hard to find someone to work on my website who will give their personal attention to the tasks that I need. I was lucky to find NinjaObsessed's Amaryllis because she's that kind of person. I look forward to working with her again."
--Mark with Mark Gentry Remodeling

"NinjaObsessed's Amaryllis has been a real big help to us in building our website. She was always on time, organized, and went beyond what was expected of her and not only built the site, but also gave us the tools to maintain the website ourselves. We were very happy with her professionalism, and would hire her again to do work with our company."
--Sarah with Three Sages Games

"NinjaObsessed's Amaryllis is a dedicated and talented worker with a rare blend of technical and artistic skills. She is not afraid to take on challenges and push herself. She receives consistently high praise from her clients and employers. I highly recommend her."
--Toni with Knowledge Integration

I highly recommend Amaryllis Graybill who is a smart, talented, creative professional web developer and designer. Amaryllis worked for my office when we needed assistance. She did a great job, showed up on time, and offered suggestions to improve our web presence.
--Mavis with Financial Alliance Insurance Services

I would like to recommend Amaryllis as a web developer and designer. While she worked for me, I was impressed by her attention to detail and her understanding of HTML. I am pleased to say that she picked up on everything remarkably quickly and created the website I needed at the time.
--Vic with Stellarvue

Why we are ninja obsessed

A good ninja is not flashy or distracting. In the same way, a good web developer creates a website that does not overwhelm or distract the user from the website's content.

As the founder of NinjaObsessed, Amaryllis is dedicated to creating clean, beautiful web sites that give your users a simple, effortless experience.

What we specialize in

When you work with NinjaObsessed, you can expect a page that follows the Material Design principles. We can build a responsive web site using the latest JavaScript frameworks, such as NodeJS and VueJS.

If you merely need an appealing, static web site, we will use the latest in modern design frameworks. A beautiful web site can be built in CSS with Bulma and in VueJS with Vuetify. These frameworks are on the cutting edge and can be implemented quickly to connect you with your users.

Contacting Us

If you are interested in building your next web project with NinjaObsessed, you may contact us via e-mail or phone:

ninja @ ninjaobsessed . com
1 - 530 - 346 - 3067

Find our sample work on CodeSandbox/amaryllisninja.

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